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As one of the 10 pilot industry schools that the Open University of China (OUC) planned to launch, a founding ceremony for the foundry school was held in Beijing on Nov. 26, 2013. It marked cooperation between the Open University of China and China Foundry Association has yielded important results over three years’ continued research and practice. It is a solid step forward in the establishment of life-long learning systems and mechanisms for foundrymen in China.

Picture of officials at foundry school opening in China

The opening marked cooperation
between the Open University of China and China Foundry Association.

Foundry is the foundation of machinery industry and an important support for equipment manufacturing. It is a big industry that across metallurgy, mining, shipbuilding, petrochemical, aerospace, energy, building materials and some other industries. Now, China has been recognized as a major foundry country, with more than 30,000 foundries and over 2,000,000 foundrymen. The annual production of casting products has ranked NO.1 in the world for a successive of 13 years. In 2012, its production of 42,5 billion tons amounted 40% of the world. However, there is still a long way toward a world foundry power. The short of personnel at all levels and the talent training lag has become one of the bottlenecks in foundry industry development. The cooperation between the Open University of China and China Foundry Association will be conducive to China’s foundry industry by sharing resources of each other, and will help to improve the scientific and expertise of employees to enhance innovation ability.

Strategic cooperation between OUC and CFA began in 2011. Since then, both sides have carried out a series of research in the model of education and have made a breakthrough. The school will play an important role in the development of non-degree education and continued education, with degrees for improving vocational ability and offering foundry personnel high quality and modern technology. ■

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2 thoughts on “Foundry School Launched in China

  • ravi bahal

    I read this article with interest.

    Living in China for the past one year as a foundry “expert” [with over 35 years foundry experience in some of the best foundries in the USA], I can say that China is moving quickly in the right direction. Although there is resistance to trying new ideas for fear that they will fail, there is also extraordinary acceptance to new technologies. In my experience, China wants to learn how to do things a better way but they need to be assured that failure is acceptable and that failure is a healthy part of he learning process. They should learn that failure is never really a “failure” because it teaches us what does not work – in other words, “failure” breeds success because it teaches what does not work and moves us in another direction.