The growth and diversity of iron casting in the Asian markets has led many foundries to re-examine their inoculation processes. New iron grades demand new process solutions, growth in production stretches the availability of good quality melting stock, and end users require higher specifications. Traditionally, the Asian market has used […]

Inoculation and Higher Potency Alloys

U-SHIN is a global automotive parts manufacturer specializing in automotive system appliances and mechatronics. Its main product line includes lock sets, electronic steering column locks, climate control panels, door latches, keyless entry, door handles, switches, power closure systems and rear access modules. U-Shin’s expertise ranges from mechanical machinery design to […]

Automotive Parts Manufacturer Saves Time, Cost With Testing and Optimization ...

Anyang Qiang Ji Precision Manufacturing Base Co.,Ltd. is a new, high-technology enterprise which is established on the basis of Anyang Precision Manufacturing Industrial Park. Relying on the integrated investment casting technology, Anyang Qiang Ji develops oversized or super small sized, thin walled, complex precision castings and various castings by integrated […]

First Aluminum Integrated Casting Frame in China Developed by Anyang ...

Waste management is no longer a “like to do” but rather a necessity, both in terms of a legal requirement, an environmental responsibility and a tool to control costs and improve efficiencies throughout the business. In foundries a reduction in waste sand is particularly rewarding minimising landfill costs. While numerous […]

Reducing Waste the Intelligent Way