Global Casting Industry 2012 Good old Europe is calling – Is there a crisis?

an Editorial Announcement by Thomas Fritsch / Foundry Planet
for Global Casting Magazine / Issue Four

What haven’t we already heard or experienced about state policy and financial politics in the world within the course of the last three years? Advice, reprimand, gradual series of changes, wounded vanity and the daily struggle for the “right” financial political instruments. And always at the center- Europe.

Of course, Europe is aware of its own struggles. Although, Europe is still very strong as a whole, Europe unfortunately suffers under a heterogeneous structure and is also intertwined with various regional economic strengths.

So, what’s in store for the European foundries and foundry suppliers?
Europe has recovered well from 2009 and 2010, and is remarkably stable after leaving the difficult times behind. Europe produces the second largest amount of castings after China with the highest of efficiency and technological standards.
Apart from those affected by European crises chatter, the European machinery manufacturers and foundry suppliers selling their high-tech products have long been competitive in the world market. European exports are increasingly benefiting from a slightly weaker Euro, order books are adequately filled but yet we still have to ask the question- How long will this continue or is everything independent of the Euro- and European crises?

Just as the whole world is captivated by the development in Europe, foundries and suppliers also have to keep on eye on advancements as well, particularly in southern Europe.

While policy determines the framework, it is up to businesses themselves to take future action.

Securing technological edge with innovation and investments made in the upcoming generation of engineers seem to be independent of the fragile financial markets, which are the best instruments to face a crisis. It’s from this that the foundry industry can benefit throughout the world.

Glück Auf! Good Luck!

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