Reis ROBOTstar-VI combines Safety and Ease of Use

Som Franz

Som Franz

On the Automatica, Reis Robotics will present the sixth generation of its worldwide successful robot control ROBOTstar-VI. The new control captivates by many new developments like the integrated CAD/CAM interface import of CAD data for conversion into robot programs or MyHMI the user can design the user interface on his own and individually. The SafetyController developed and patented by Reis, of course, is also fully integrated in the new control a basic prerequisite for realization of SafeProduction.

With IntegratedSafety the integrated freely programmable safety-PLC – for the protection of persons in the robot work envelope operates with IntegratedSafety directly in the SafetyController developed by Reis and licensed by other robot manufacturers. In combination with the used industrial PC technology Reis Robotics emphasizes its high safety standards.

Another main area of the ROBOTstar-VI applies to the processes: MyProcess allows the freely configurable online process visualization. Processes and results can be fully controlled with the diagnostics and monitoring function MyDiagnostic. With ProcessTracking a freely configurable recording means for logging and further offline processing of process data is delivered. Augmented Reality moreover combines live pictures with representation possibilities for parameters and movement paths, for example with interactive cleaning or grinding by means of robot, and thus will ease work for the operator.

“With the use of national languages for programming the Reis control ROBOTstar-VI not only reduces the learning curve of the programmers, but also eliminates potential faulty operations, so that new systems can go to production earlier” Franz Som, Manager Control Development Software at Reis Robotics, declares.

The further developed CAD/CAM-Interface imports CAD data in the formats VRML, STL, and DXF, and allows the conversion into robot programs on control level. Another highlight is the process function RobAssist. The integrated process control visualizes and controls processes like e.g. die casting automation, arc welding, plasma/oxyacetylene cutting, laser cutting, surfacing, gluing and jet cutting.

ProVis the graphical, intuitive programming interface is embedded in every robot control and is loaded and executed automatically to a connected PC. ProVis allows programming and visualization of Reis robots on PCs.

With the new ROBOTstar-VI Reis Robotics provides the customer with all program modules and functions as before, without any additional cost as All-Inclusive Package.

Reis Robotics

Reis Robotics is an innovative company leading in robot technology and system integration.
The Reis Robotics group with international activities has its headquarters in Obernburg/Germany and is a market leader for automation systems in the photovoltaic industry. For more than two decades Reis has been one of the most important integrators for automation systems in all major industry sectors. In addition to articulated arm robots the product range also includes linear robots, gantries, horizontal articulated arm robots and other special robots. Additional products include:Try-out and Spotting Presses as well as Trim Presses and Trim Tools.

Reis Robotics designs, delivers and installs completely integrated automation systems from one source.
The company’s success since 1957 is based on the great experience gained during planning and execution of turnkey automation systems. For this, Reis Robotics offers a broad product range of industrial robots (welding robots, casting robots, handling robots, laser robots, soldering robots, assembly robots, and many others), peripheral modules and services for automation solutions in all major application fields.

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