40 Years Anniversary for IMF Group 1

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On March 1st 2012, IMF celebrated their 40th year anniversary. The company was founded by President Gabriele Galante in 1972 and is now known all over the world for its high technological advancements and reputation with the most important foundry groups. IMF has greatly expanded its manufacturing program, thanks to the collaboration of two important brands, FOUNDRY AUTOMATION in the coremaking field and CARLO BANFI in the shot blasting area.

With nearly 500 employees, 4 production units in Italy, China, Brazil and Czech Republic, 3 representative offices in key-markets such as Russia, India and USA, the IMF GROUP has become a ‘global partner’ for all foundries. In the last 15 years, 90% of IMF production was exported in more than 25 countries worldwide.

Gabriele Galante is currently the Honorary President of AMAFOND and President of CEMAFON since 1988. In this position, he created the concept of the International Foundry Forum (IFF), a meeting in which foundries come together with the largest casting buyers and suppliers. Galante`s interactive performance is based on the relationship of mutual respect with his stuff and his attention to the aspirations and needs of workers in order to create a steady development.

The IMF GROUP has organized significant events at its Headquarters in Luino, Italy to celebrate this important milestone for the company’s history – Congratulations.

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    Attention Gabriele Galante,
    I have been impressed by IMF Group performance and particularly in relation with the Gécamines (DRC) project. At that time we have share quite intersting experience.
    As you may remember, I am in Lubumbashi (DRC Gécamines town) and have kept good contact in the country. With my MBA (Master of Business Administration) qualification and my financial background and experience, I am actually consultant where I may be of any assistance.
    Best regards
    Lubumbashi, DRC
    +243 81 505 5357
    +243 99 702 6548