Omega’s Grand Opening of New Premises


Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd. invested 4 million pounds to relocate to a new premises in Woodston, Peterbourough, UK and celebrated it’s grand opening on June 1st 2012 at their new location. The event began with a formal speech from the Chairman of Omega Foundry Machinery, Mark Fenyes, thanking several employees, representatives and foundry customers in attendance. Visitors were then allowed to tour the premises with Omega’s No Bake equipment on display.

With an annual turnover of 30 million per year, Omega has exceedingly grown and saw the need to provide for larger and improved factory facilities and enhanced office space. Fenyes commented on the reason for the location by adding, “It was really to consolidate the manufacturing. We had 5 locations around Peterborough and I think it’s better for the workforce to combine into all one area. That was the main reason, to get everyone under one roof”, said Fenyes.

Omega will be setting it’s sights on improving production rates for no bake, control systems and getting involved in large projects. “We are totally committed to the foundry industry and what we do. We will always see the job through no matter what it takes. That is our policy, that’s who we are and that is what we are.”, said Fenyes

Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd is specialized in the manufacture of equipment for the ‘chemically bonded’ or ‘no bake process’ with registered offices in India, the U.S. and Turkey.

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