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  Petrofer has been successful in developing water miscible dielubes with wide reaching resistance against microbial attack. This means not only a good stability against growth of bacteria, but also against the growing of yeast and fungi. The latter is especially important when the die lube is applied in a […]

Biostable Dielubes

from Dipl.-Ing. Rudolf Wintgens, Schopfheim Overview For about 10 years we are expieriencing a renaissance of inorganic core sand binders due to environmental issues and the actual advantages in the foundry process. Modern inorganic binder systems have compared to conventional CO2 hardening systems a different hardness reaction. The Hardness reaction […]

Adapted machine technology for core production using inorganic binder

By adopting more efficient de-gating and de-risering techniques, foundries can make a significant impact on their bottom line operating costs. Jason W. Hitchings, Comanche Technologies Business challenges facing foundries and metal casters at the moment in areas such as fluctuating raw material prices, increasing labor wages, and the ever-changing growth […]

Increase Casting Quality and Reduce Finishing Room Costs – At ...