Clean Water Glycole Reduces Maintenance Costs

Leakages, defective valves or pumps and frequent exchanges of sealings – for many maintenance responsibles in pressure die-casting this is a well-known part of their daily routine. Less known is the fact that 80 % of all failures in hydraulic systems are caused by contaminations in the operating fluid. Removing particles from the fluid can prolong the lifetime of valves and pumps by factor 7 and result in significantly less downtime and maintenance costs.

CJC Fine Filter units operate in an offline circuit with integrated circulating pumps. As the central part of these filters, the depth filter insert retains particles down to 1 µm with a dirt holding capacity of up to 4 kg per filter element (see ill.1). Even in rough surroundings like pressure die-casting facilities, fluid systems can permanently be kept clean.

Applications at German car manufacturers show that by increasing the cleanliness of the water glycol from 19/18/14 to 14/12/9 (factor 32) not only the lifetime of hydraulic components is prolonged but also precision of the process is enhanced and a decrease in blowholes reduces the amount of scrap (see ill. 2 + 3).

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