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Introduction The Scholz Group, which includes numerous subsidiaries and firms under the umbrella of Scholz AG, employs a total workforce of about 7.500 employees throughout the world. The company headquarter is in Essingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The Scholz Group has direct interest in 50 companies and runs about 500 sites within […]

Portrait for “Recycling International” Scholz AG – (Worldwide) Steps forward ...

GEs new phoenix datos_x CT software offers up to 9 times faster 3D volume reconstruction
Provides up to 9 Times Faster Volume Reconstruction The phoenix datos|x 2.2 new-generation computed tomography (CT) software from the Inspection Technologies Business of GE Measurement & Control, features fully automated data acquisition and volume processing to allow high-resolution precision metrology and failure analysis tasks to be performed significantly faster, with […]

GE’s phoenix datos|x 2.2 Software Allows Complete Automation of the ...

The differences between DIN EN ISO 11612 and DIN EN 531 show the following changes (in bold)
New heat protection clothing with the highest safety standards – practical examples from the industry. (SMU) – JUTEC® GmbH, Oldenburg, founded in 1987, is a manufacturing company in the technical textile sector. Its program includes textile finishing, the development and construction of a variety of problem solutions in the sphere […]

Aluminium World 2012

Zinc distillation plant; vacuum furnace (right) with zinc condenser (left) 2
Vacuum-type induction furnaces are becoming increasingly widespread for removing undesirable alloying elements, as well as for the production of high-purity, low-gas alloys and for melting special materials. Typical applications include the following: Deoxidation of high-grade steel melts Carbon reduction of molten steel Melt degassing Distillation of zinc and other low-melting […]

Coreless vacuum induction furnaces for refining and recycling of metals