TITAL investment in China

  • Philipp Schack, Managing Director of TITAL

    Philipp Schack, Managing Director of TITAL

    Long-term expansion of German plant

  • Good order book allows for investments home and abroad
  • Chinese importance for civil aircraft production

The titanium and aluminum investment casting specialist TITAL will start production in China in 2013. The German Company signed an agreement with the Chinese authorities for the set-up and operation of a plant in Nantong. As of next year aluminum investment castings for the European and Chinese markets will be produced in Nantong, a city of two million inhabitants about 75 miles north of Shanghai.

„China’s importance for the production of civil aircraft will strongly increase. Strategic alliances between western aircraft and engine manufacturers show this trend. And we do not want to stand outside“, Philipp Schack, Managing Director of TITAL confirms the company’s plans.

TITAL is the first international aluminum investment casting specialist for aircraft components to take this chance and start producing castings in China. The signature of the agreements with the Chinese Authorities at the end of last year was a prerequisite for setting up the new TITAL site in Nantong in the Chinese province of Jiangsu. The Chinese company has already been founded and the refurbishment of the production facility has started.

A team of three experienced TITAL engineers will take up their jobs in Nantong in summer 2012 and coordinate the production set-up. Machinery and equipment are scheduled to be finished by end of 2012. „We plan to start full production in the first quarter of 2013 and to deliver the first aluminum parts in the same year“; Schack explains the ambitious time schedule. The official business license has already been granted by Chinese authorities. This is the main prerequisite for the operational start of TITAL (Nantong) Co. Ltd.

TITAL benefits from the good international economic conditions and focuses on a strategic improvement of its market position. As a consequence investments are not only foreseen in China, but also into the TITAL’s headquarter in Bestwig. There TITAL plans to enlarge production in order to further reinforce its position as one of the worldwide leading investment casting specialists.

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