Foundry Technology at Aalen University of Applied Sciences – GTA 2

The GTA, the Foundry Technology Aalen, the “G” stands for the german word “Giesserei” (Foundry), which aims at the development of foundry products and foundry processes. The research facility incorporates all major casting processes and casting alloys. This includes aluminum and magnesium high pressure die casting as well as iron sand castings. The research activities focus for example on the development of innovative salt cores or gasinjection technologies for the production of hollow shapes in high pressure die castings. Besides these educational and research activities the GTA center also supplies services to industry:

  • General Support and trainings for foundries
  • Process and product development
  • Seminars for design engineers in the range of casting applications and design
  • Production of prototypes and small casting series
  • New alloy testing
  • Running in and optimization of pressure die casting tools
  • Damage analysis using X-ray and 3D-computer tomography
  • Material testing for magnesium, aluminum and zinc alloys

The GTA center has a wide range of foundry specific equipment

  • Four high pressure die casting machines, cold and hot chamber
  • Permanent Mold including tilt capability
  • Sand Casting labatory
  • Melting furnaces for iron, magnesium and aluminum
  • Tensile, creep and fatique testing


GTA – Foundry Technology Aalen
Beethovenstr. 1, 73430 Aalen
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lothar H. Kallien and  Dr.-Ing. Alexander Baesgen

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