International Foundry Forum 2012

The 7th International Foundry Forum in Prague – where the CEO’s meet- was held on September 21st and 22nd in which 240 CEO’s from the world’s leading foundries and their suppliers were provided with the opportunity to discuss with major casting buyers about future expectations, challenges and current industry trends.

The IFF was organised in conjunction with the CAEF (The European Foundry Association) and CEMAFON (The European Foundry Equipment Manufacturers Association).

Several significant issues were discussed in various topics. Foundry relevant economic perceptions set the prelude beginning with the current raw material situation to investment philosophies and the gradual shift towards Asia. The latest trends and requirements of large casting buyers were touched upon from well- known companies along with the presentation of world wide foundry industry reports from India, Japan Korea, USA, China, Russia, South America, Europe and the topic of energy efficiency in Europe. Interesting panels of discussions and a powerful ambiance has always been a part of the International Foundry Forum as it’s amongst the world’s most important industry events.

Preliminary to this event, CEMAFON, The European Foundry Equipment Suppliers Association together with held a Round Table discussion for first time on the current topic: “European foundry equipment suppliers facing the Euro crisis – impact on the industry.”

The next International Foundry Forum is scheduled to be held in 2014.

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