Saving Energy by Combining Shakeout, Crushing, Regeneration, Dust Collection and Conveying

Wuxi Xinan Foundry Machinery Co., Wuxi, China, researched and developed its XNSLP series of machinery to combine vibration, shakeout, crushing, regeneration, dust collection and conveying operations. The all-in-one device can reduce weight, save floor space and reduce energy consumption. It also can solve complex problems faced by large and medium-sized metalcasting facilities when dealing with self-hardening sand.

The XNSLP features a pneumatic send tank, a pipeline-free dust hood and two symmetrically arranged dust filters. Vibration, shakeout and crushing are performed in the body via a spring connected to the base frame with a symmetric vibration motor in the tail.

The upper crushing reclaimer is equipped with a shakeout grid plate. Uniformly distributed friction plates are mounted on the wall with a screw mesh friction plate at the bottom of the corresponding shakeout grid plate. The vibrating shakeout crusher is arranged inside the screen mesh and sand outlet. It reclaims sand through sand blocks and friction plates and sends it to the sand silo via a double pneumatic tank (or bucket elevator). The no-pipe dust hood and machine filter are sealed entirely, eliminating wind resistance and leakage problems. The all-in-one machine also uses a rotated plate machine that has a patented process of cleaning scattered sand. The XNSLP can be fitted to a wide array of metalcasting facilities to update sand regeneration processes.

Figure 2-1. Wuxi Xinan Foundry Machinery researched and developed the new energy-saving shakeout, crushing, dust removal machine.
Simple Flexible Modular Layout

The traditional shakeout and sand regeneration departments in older metalcasting facilities can be relatively large and complex, requiring maintenance that costs time and money. Wuxi Xinan’s XNSLP overcomes inefficiencies by combining all these processes into one machine. Instead of traditional sand treatment equipment that includes separate machines for shakeout, crushing, vibration, magnetic separation and rubbing regeneration, the XNSLP simplifies the overall structure of equipment while improving efficiency, reducing energy consumption and decreasing spatial requirements. Its compact, light-weight design allows for safe, convenient installation. The device also can adapt to a modular layout. With a smaller footprint and shallow pit, the XNSLP can be flexible depending on a specific metalcasting facility’s onsite circumstances. Depending on a plant’s layout, the XNSLP easily can be used as a module with brushing, sorting and cooling as considerations.

Reduce Investment Energy Consumption

The multifunction vibratory shakeout, crusher and sand outlet is designed with a double pneumatic tank, using a patented invention that features a rotated plate and no-pipe dust hood. The original shakeout machine’s discharging mouth, vibration conveyor trough, feed port, discharging port, belt conveyor and sand outlet can be integrated into one. Instead of collecting dust at multiple points, the no-pipe dust hood reduces emissions. Air from the filter outlet can be used as an air curtain to reduce dust overflow and balance workshop air loss. The shakeout grill’s upper gate uses shallow-pit damping measures and a tape drape, which reduces dust leakage. The equipment reduces the influence of the original civil engineering facilities and upfront investment in construction.

Equipment Maintenance

With decreased dust and energy consumption, old sand regeneration duct line maintenance is convenient and can reduce workload. The shallow pit form reduces maintenance on the vibration motor and pneumatic conveying device.

Resin Film Stripping Rate

The vibration, shakeout, crushing, regeneration and dust collector machine uses mechanical vibration of large metalcasting equipment, mainly consisting of a motor, body, crushing framework, spring and vibrating screen plate.
During inertial linear vibration, the vibratory motor breaks sand blocks into granules with crushing and grinding motions. Sand then passes through a screen for reclamation. During crushing, the grinding sand block can take off part of the brittleness resin film of the sand surface to achieve acceptable roundness. Wuxi Xinan Foundry Machinery researched and developed the XNSLP to regenerate the characteristics of alkaline phenolic resin and sodium silicate sand ester. The all-in-one machine can increase resin film stripping rates by 20%.

Wuxi Xinan Foundry Machinery’s new energy-saving machine, the XNSLP combines shakeout, crushing, reclamation, dust collection and conveying. The XNSLP won the first national science and technology innovation award, and Wuxi Xinan has installed more than 30 machines in Chinese casting facilities.

By reducing area, construction costs, upfront investment and energy requirements, the XNSLP has attracted the attention of more casting manufacturers. With the use of high-tech equipment and innovative design, the operation results in higher quality castings with decreased costs.

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