Start-up of Europe’s Biggest Vibrating Machine

JOEST delivered and mounted Europe’s biggest vibrating machine—a casting cooler with a capacity of 55 tons/hour automotive castings for one of the biggest customer foundries in Germany.

With good project management, production started-up on time on a tight time schedule. The casting cooler is designed as an active mass-compensated resonance machine with a modular vibration absorber array. Thermodynamically, the cooling function is based on a convective casting/air counter current heat exchange. The effective length of the machine is 37000 mm, and the outside width is 3800 mm. The net weight of the casting cooler is 72,000kg. For the transport and easier installation the cooler had to be split into several sections.

With more than 90 years of experience, JOEST is one of the worldwide leading companies in the field of vibration technology and bulk handling with subsidiaries and agencies all over the world.

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