Energy efficient exhaust air filtration systems for foundries

Reducing the energy consumption up to 80 % by recirculating air mode

The increasing awareness and responsibility towards environmental protection and clean air quality is increasing strict regulations for die casting foundries and thus, the demand for KMA exhaust air filtration systems worldwide. KMA Umwelttechnik, located in Koenigswinter (Germany), is specialised on energy-efficient exhaust air purification systems for die casting machines.

The KMA exhaust air filters ensure a highly effective separation of emissions like greasy, oily and paste-like smoke, dust and fine mist by using little energy. Unsuitable filter types can quickly clog by aerosols and become ineffective, leading to excessive costs associated with filter replacement and disposal. However, changing the electrostatic filter cells is not necessary and they never obstruct the air flow through the exhaust system. The KMA electrostatic filter is an economical and durable filter medium. Due to the high filtration efficiency by KMA electrostatic filter units the purified air is led back into the production hall. By capturing and filtering the fumes directly at the source, no cost-intensive exhaust air blowers as well as maintenance-intensive exhaust air ducts are needed. That means, the air is circulating in the hall and has no heat loss caused by the exhaust air.

Because in an exhaust air mode the same amount of air that is led outside has to be replaced by incoming fresh air from outdoors. Especially during the winter period the cold fresh air from outdoors has to be heated up to room temperature before it is led inside. This heating causes high operation costs for the company and at the same time the environment gets polluted by high carbon dioxide emissions generated by the heating process. By the KMA recirculating air mode foundries save up to 80 % of their annual operation costs compared to conventional exhaust ventilation systems.

This is accompanied by a significant reduction of CO2 emissions. KMA filter systems help foundries to achieve the ISO 9,000 and ISO 14,000 certifications. Other benefits are: by not allowing exhaust air to disperse into the production hall without being purified first, the casting machines, peripheral devices as well as the building itself will not suffer from accumulating dirt on the surfaces and clean air leads to high motivation and low fluctuation of the high qualified employees, also to less symptoms of illness as well as increased productivity. By a one-time investment for an exhaust air filtration system, the management will achieve significant cost-savings through all the years, which will compensate the initial investment by a short payback period.

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