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The SECO/WARWICK Group and its five business segments (BS) produce vacuum furnaces (BS VAC), atmosphere furnaces (BS ATM), controlled atmosphere aluminum brazing furnaces (BS CAB), aluminum process furnaces (BS AP) and vacuum metallurgy equipment Retech (BS VME) in its manufacturing sites in Poland (SECO/WARWICK Europe),  the United States of America (SECO/WARWICK Corp. + RETECH Systems LLC), India (SECO/WARWICK Allied Ltd.) and China (SECO/WARWICK RETECH Mfg. (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.). Sales, service & spare parts offices in Germany (SECO/WARWICK Services GmbH) and Russia (SECO/WARWICK Russia) complete the worldwide customer care network. Read more:

The teams of the business segments atmosphere furnaces (BS ATM) and aluminum process furnaces (BS AP) of SECO/WARWICK Europe announce:

Contract for rotary hearth furnace

SECO/WARWICK Europe S.A. announces the signing of an contract with Toyota for delivery of rotary hearth furnace for aging of aluminum castings and  modernization of existing mesh belt Roller hearth furnace processing line in Ukraine commissioned

Roller hearth furnace processing line in Ukraine commissioned

In the second half of February, the Atmosphere Furnaces business segment of SECO/WARWICK Europe S.A. commissioned a roller hearth furnace processing line for the heat treatment of ARLHE-T-700 type bearing rings. The technological installation will operate at Company Harkovskij Podshipnikovyj Zavod (HARP), PAO. It is a member of the Industrial Group UPEC. UPEC is one of the biggest Ukrainian private-sector companies in the machine industry. This company manufactures components and mechanisms for the automotive industry and for agricultural machines, railways and metallurgy sector as well. This processing line is the first of three that are being manufactured at SECO/WARWICK Europe S.A. At the same time, at the customer’s site pre-acceptance tests of the second processing line ARLHE-T is taking place.

A wide range of tests were carried out in the framework of the acceptance tests program using SECO/WARWICK’s acceptance expertise. The processing line met all the technological requirements covered by the agreement including extremely strict deformation (ovalization, cone) and productivity thresholds.

This investment has started the complex modernization of heat treatment devices (hardening with tempering) for railways bearing rings business partner’s site. Between 2006 and 2010, SECO/WARWICK delivered to the forging shop department of PAO HARP three roller hearth aggregates type AS/P for bearing steel’s forgings spheroidizing annealing.

Carburizing & Nitriding Team signs contract for furnaces for Polish coal mining industry

In March 2013 SECO/WARWICK Europe S.A. signed another contract for two, tempering and annealing pit furnaces. The contract was signed with one of the leading Polish coal mining companies.

SECO/WARWICK EUROPE starts manufacturing of CaseMaster processing line

The Atmosphere Furnaces Carburizing and Nitriding business segment team of SECO/WARWICK Europe S.A. recently started a contract with a Bulgarian heat treater. The contract covers the manufacture of a processing line based on the sealed quench CaseMaster® furnace. This equipment is designed for gear wheels heat treatment.

The processing line consists of:

–  CaseMaster® furnace AFS-8ER type
–  high tempering furnace BREW-8A type
–  washing-drying machine WBSD-8 type
–  atmosphere generator 21 ET type
–  loading-unloading device TASKMASTER -8 type
–  complete instrumentation
–  Installation of this processing line, commissioning and putting the furnace into service is planned for third quarter of 2013 at the client’s site.

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