Iron Stream Temperatures Accurately Detected

Constant temperature measurements of molten metal jets become more and more important with the progressive automation of casting machines for trouble-free operation.

Due to the varying emissivity of melting reliable measurement results are difficult to achieve.
DIAS Infrared, based in Dresden, has taken this issue and has developed a non-contact iron stream temperature measurement system as a complete solution for this task field.

Whether steel, iron or light and non-ferrous metal foundries all have in common that the trials are increasingly fully automatic. More important is a reliable monitoring of the casting process to produce uniformly high quality parts. Since the respective melting are normally up to 1500 degrees Celsius, only a non contact measuring method is qualified for reliable monitoring and low maintenance. Industry infrared measurement systems have been enforced here. Due to material variations, different operating parameters of the furnace, environmental variables or different high air inclusions in the melt, the emissivities of the melt change dramatically.
Here thermographic standard systems measure relatively inaccurate, which as a resultĀ  especially for automated casting process – have fluctuating quality castings or even can lead up to the committee or damage to the forms. Specifically adapted to this problem, DIAS Infrared GmbH has developed a digital pyrometer system, whose individual components are designed to meet the pouring stream and its measurement quality and reliability is far superior to standard systems.

The system consists of a digital ratio pyrometer PYROSPOT DSRF 44N with a special lens to record temperatures up to 1800 degrees Celsius, a choice of two to 22 meters long fiber optic cable, an evaluation unit with temperature display and a specially developed for this application software. The system can not measure reliably the temperature even at very low and varying emissivity, there also are also movements of the pouring stream imbalanced, with the special optics of the beam even at a relatively low measurement field coverage.

The pyrometer measures from a distance of about three to five meters with an optical head, the temperature of the pouring stream. To keep the lens of the optical head continuously clean, it can be mounted with different air purge units and sight tubes in different lengths. The optical head and the light guide can be used without cooling in ambient temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius, and with the integrated laser sighting the pyrometer can be aligned to the pouring stream

In the evaluation a four-digit, 135 x 38-millimeter LED display is integrated to the measured temperature indicating exactly from afar. In addition to an isolated RS-485 output, the unit is equipped with an Ethernet port, which allows the configuration of the system and remote maintenance. The special software will automatically detect the beginning and end of each molding process and allows you to adjust a number of parameters. For each alloy is a relevant average the temperature output. This signal occurring variations are hidden, such as those often found at the gate.


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