Topseed® – Elkem leads the way in offering attractive cost savings to ductile iron foundries

elkemElkem introduces “Topseed® cover alloy” – another great step forward in reducing magnesium addition and lowering production costs in ductile iron foundries.

The use of magnesium ferrosilicon (MgFeSi) to nodularise cast irons is a significant cost for ductile iron foundries. That is why Elkem has developed Topseed® as a new cover alloy to maximise the recovery of magnesium and, at the same time, allow for reductions in reactivity and higher levels of nucleation.

Topseed® cover alloy has been specially formulated to;

  • Provide a high density cover for MgFeSi in the ladle which will delay the onset of reaction, thus allowing a greater ferrostatic head and more iron/magnesium contact
  • Achieve a quiet metal/Mg reaction, less fume, no iron splashing and a safer working environment
  • Give a dry slag which is easy to skim from the metal surface
  • Provide a higher Mg recovery which will then allow for a reduction in MgFeSi or the use of a lower Mg alloy
  • Reduce Mg usage and reactivity, the nucleation of the iron is higher, thus reducing the need for subsequent inoculation
  • Extend fading time
  • Achieve longer lining life time
  • Keep a clean pocket in the ladle

Topseed® cover alloy is a dense material based on maximum 50% silicon, and, in its closely graded sizing, provides a close packed cover on the MgFeSi.

The alloy is endothermic and thus provides a short term barrier to cast iron burning through to reach the MgFeSi. This allows for a greater ferrostatic head in the ladle therefore increasing the contact between the magnesium vapour and the cast iron. The use of properly designed pockets can lead to very high Mg recoveries, particularly when used in conjunction with Elkem’s extensive range of nodularisers.

Recent comprehensive tests in foundries have shown a reduction in MgFeSi addition of up to 20% due to excellent Magnesium recovery.
Elkem manufactures the largest number of MgFeSi chemistries in the world and can tailor an alloy to your specific needs. These, under the trade names Lamet ®, Remag® and Elmag® nodularisers and in combination with Topseed® cover alloy, provide you with optimum alloy usage at lowest cost.

Elkem’s experienced representatives and technical service team can help in designing the best system of alloys for you to give the best value from our range of Preconditioners, Nodularisers, Inoculants and Cover Materials.


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