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The cylinder heads with (L) x 320 (B) x 150 mm (H) -- 20 x 12.6 x 5.9 inches – and a weight of 18.8 kg (41.4 lbs) are treated in 16 seconds in this blasting system.
In the foundry industry shot blasting is a key surface treatment technology for producing the required surface finishes. Recent developments in the automation of shot blast processes have contributed towards significant improvements in the cost effectiveness and quality of the surface preparation function, at the same time they have expanded […]

An Efficiency Boost for the Surface Preparation of Castings

The China FAW Group Corporation: from the most traditional foundry processes to automatic grinding with exceptionally high levels of productivity and flexibility – a technological transformation made possible thanks to MAUS. Founded in 1956, the China FAW (First Automotive Works) Group Corporation, a state-owned group with its headquarters in Changchun […]

FAW, the giant Chinese state-owned automotive manufacturer, selects the latest ...

Elkem’s recently introduced cover alloy, Topseed®, is changing the way that our customers think about their magnesium ferrosilicon treatment process. Designed to, Improve magnesium recovery Conditions the reaction slag Increase residual nucleation levels Improve process stability, Topseed® has already proved to be a great benefit in many foundries across North […]

Cover Alloy Improves Ductile Iron Production