FAW, the giant Chinese state-owned automotive manufacturer, selects the latest MAUS technology for the modernisation of its manufacturing plants.

Faw equipment

The China FAW Group Corporation: from the most traditional foundry processes to automatic grinding with exceptionally high levels of productivity and flexibility – a technological transformation made possible thanks to MAUS.

Founded in 1956, the China FAW (First Automotive Works) Group Corporation, a state-owned group with its headquarters in Changchun in the northern Chinese province of Jilin and with a sales and service presence throughout the world, has expanded its operations over the years to encompass ever-more demanding applications for the production of commercial vehicles. Today, FAW is the leading Chinese manufacturer of trucks and buses, with a production capacity of more than 1 million vehicles. It has 120,000 employees, with a full 5,000 working in the group’s various foundries.

The increase in the technical level of FAW’s manufacturing has been accompanied, over time, by a plethora of collaborations with overseas partners that are leaders in their specific sectors. FAW has established various production joint ventures with manufacturers of the calibre of Audi, the Ford Motor Company, the Hyundai Motor Company, the Mazda Motor Corporation, the Toyota Motor Corporation and Volkswagen.

FAW and MAUS have signed an extremely important contract – the first on this scale in the Chinese market – for the supply of a plant composed of two MAUS automatic grinding lines that includes a total of 10 Sam 1200L machines equipped with robots for the automatic loading/unloading of the pieces.

Together, the in-depth analysis of the real requirements of FAW carried out by MAUS and the extensive nature of the applications and solutions implemented by MAUS throughout the world played a fundamental role in FAW’s decision-making process. The Chinese group has selected MAUS technology for the ambitious project to build the largest automated plant in China for the grinding of engine blocks for trucks.

Specifically, the plant supplied by MAUS will be utilised for the automatic grinding of two different types of engine blocks for trucks (4- and 6-cylinder), in a highly productive system that delivers between 70 pieces per hour and 120 pieces per hour, with highly competitive unit costs, optimising the production process in terms of flexibility, productivity and quality.

The MAUS solution will take its place within a production system – created from the ground up – that represents the state of the art in terms of the technology on the market; one that is capable of dealing with the complete production process of the engine blocks in the foundry.

The commissioning of the production operations in the brand-new FAW foundry in Changchun is expected to take place in spring 2014.

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