CFA Vice President, KOCEL Chairmen Peng Fan Awarded “2013 Ho Leung Ho Lee Prize”

The 20th Ho Leung Ho Lee prize award ceremony was held on October 30, 2013, in Beijing, China. Peng Fan, vice president of the China Foundry Association and chairman of KOCEL Group, was among the 46 winners. He was awarded the prize for scientific and technological innovation.


With 30 years working experience in the scientific research and development of foundry industry, Fan has made great contributions in developing the advanced foundry technology and equipment, as well as establishing advanced cast steel and cast iron production lines. The large gas turbine castings, turbine blades, 1000MW supercritical steam turbine blades, and nuclear power equipment he developed are credited with filling the gap in the super-large castings field in China and achieved world class status. The company KOCEL Group founded by him is the only domestic company with the ability to supply world class customers with complete sets of large industrial gas turbine cast steel and cast iron in mass production.

Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation was established in March 1994, in the names of four HongKong patriotic industrialists. It awards annually to scientific and technical personnel with outstanding contribution and promoting the development of science and technology undertakings in China. Till now, the foundation has rewarded 1,048 scientists, engineers and industrial leading talents. The prize is thought very highly of among scientific and technical fields in China. It is recognized and highly-praised from all sectors in the mainland and HongKong for its scientific, authority and credibility. Its international influence also is growing.

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