Conaf/Fenaf: Brazil Foundry Industry 2013

ABIFA, the Brazilian foundry Association, in a partnership with Apex-Brasil, The Brazilian Agency of Export Promotion and Investments, developed an event to connect Brazilian casting manufacturers and several importing countries. The event took place October 15-17, 2013, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, during the trade show FENAF and the international congress CONAF. The invited metalcasters represented the automotive, mining, agriculture, energy and ferry sectors. ABIFA’s board of directors selected the foreign companies that participated.

“Our objective is to provide to our international invitees the opportunity to know the best of the foundry worldwide market, with a very competitive price level, aiming the most modern technologies, in direct contact with the Brazilian companies, in an pleasant and reserved environment,” said Remo De Simone, president, ABIFA.

The international companies invited to the fourth Round Table Business Meeting Event were: Linamar (Mexico); Denso (Argentina); Eugen Klein (Germany); Daewoo (U.S.); Rhino Parts (Chile); Caterpillar (U.S.); Renault (Argentina); KG Industries (Canada); KDAC (U.S.); Continental AG (U.S.); Partquip (South Africa).

There were 188 business meetings among the participants during three afternoons, generating business opportunities estimated at $25 million (U.S.) in Brazilian exports.

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