MAGMA Celebrates 25th Anniversary

In June 1988, MAGMA Gießereitechnologie, Gesellschaft für Gießereisimulations und Regeltechnik mbH, Aachen, Germany, was established. Founders Prof. Peter R. Sahm, Prof. Preben N. Hansen and Dr. Erwin Flender wanted to make the new and intriguing technology of casting process simulation available to the foundry industry and its consumers. MAGMASOFT enabled metalcasters and designers to design and optimize gating, risering and casting processes in a predictive manner on the computer.

In 1988, the ability to model a casting virtually on screen represented a revolution in the industry that did not immediately fire the enthusiasm of the foundry world. However, it was clear from the beginning that a continuous advancement of the program’s features to the benefit of the users would be a critical factor for success. Many of today’s comprehensive capabilities in the simulation of the processing and the properties of cast components far exceed the visions of the past.

Ongoing developments in MAGMASOFT reportedly will offer increasing use as a virtual experimental foundry and will directly support the setup and optimization of robust production processes in the computer.

The company cites the importance of continuously exchanging experience and information with its customers at regular user meetings, seminars and personal communication on the shop floor. MAGMA now also supports these efforts through the launch of MAGMA academy, an educational platform for all users.

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