Water-based Insulating Die Coating Improves Service Life 1

Considering the steady growth of aluminum parts cast via gravity and low pressure diecasting, particularly in the automotive industry, ASK Chemicals, Hilden, Germany, developed Solitec AD 901, a semi-insulating, water-based die coating that can extend service life by as much as 50%. Solitec AD 901 also can help ensure molds are filled completely while protecting the mold surface.

The service life of a die is more than 50% longer than when other standard coatings are used, prolonging the intervals required for die coating and maintenance. The comparatively high graphite content of SOLITEC AD 901 also significantly reduces the ejection forces on the mold surfaces. Even production downtimes of up to four hours do not negatively impact the quality of the coating or cast part, which can lead to longer usage periods and reduced maintenance costs.

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