Bühler Opens Diecasting Operation in China

Located just a half-hour from Shanghai via the high-speed bullet train, Wuxi represents the technological and economic progress of China. These developments are key reasons why Bühler opted to open its new diecasting facility in Wuxi. The plant allows Bühler to respond to the growing need of China’s diecasting industry for high quality machines.

Bühler invested $5.54 million into the new factory. “This shows we believe in and are committed to the Chinese market,” said Jonathan Abbis, president, Bühler’s diecasting division. “In building the factory, we did not compromise on a single item. In Wuxi, we are producing machines of the exact same level of quality and reliability that our customers have come to expect from Bühler.”

Eighty guests—representing around 50 companies from all over China—attended the facility’s opening. Bühler will produce its Ecoline and Ecoline Pro diecasting machines in the new factory. The plant currently is capable of producing about 200 machines per year, with the potential to produce up to 300 machines annually. To ensure the high quality, 35% of the total investment in Wuxi was allocated for state-of-the-art machining equipment.

“If we produce parts ourselves, the transfer of knowledge will be so much easier,” said Robin Lu, president, Bühler China’s diecasting division.

But it is not only about equipment. Wuxi is the headquarters of Bühler China, meaning the location also is used for research and development, sales and service, as well as a training center. “Besides Europe and the U.S., China is one of the largest centers for our business,” said Marcello Fabbroni, head of product management and marketing. “Of course, it is crucial that we maintain an on-site presence in all of these centers.”

The market for diecasting machines in particular is expected to develop in China. Buhler expects 10% growth by the diecasting division. “That is huge,” said Fabbroni. “It has become clear that Chinese customers are increasingly paying more attention to quality. This represents a great change in thinking.”

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