Teksid Receives Environmental Leadership Award

During the Cummins U.S. Supplier Conference held in Indianapolis on May 1, Cummins recognized iron casting producer Teksid Hierro de Mexico, Frontera, Mexico, with the “Environmental Leadership Award.”

This award was given in recognition of the installation of a new sand reclamation system to recover waste foundry silica sand through a mechanical and thermal process in its plant located in Frontera, Mexico, in the state of Coahuila, with a total investment of $7.3 million.

Advantages of having such a system include a reduction of new sand shipments from the U.S. via rail and a reduction of more than 3,000 trucks per year of waste sand from the foundry to the landfill.

Teksid Hierro de Mexico was the only supplier that received an award for Environmental Leadership. The selection committee (who was a combination of both Cummins’ indirect and direct purchasing leadership) valued the minimal impact on the environment and positive effect on the bottom line.

Teksid produces castings for the automotive and heavy duty industry with operations spread out in Europe, North and South America and Asia.

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