FATA Aluminum Signs Brazil Cooperation Agreement

FATA Aluminum LLC, Auburn Hills, Mich., with companies in the U.S., Italy and Mexico, supplies the global market with automated casting systems for cylinder heads, blocks, pistons and sand regeneration. It has launched a cooperation with Eco Sand, a leading company in the Brazilian market for nobake systems, sand handling and reclamation systems.

The target is to develop the market for sand regeneration through a flexible agreement that allows Eco Sand to utilize FATA Aluminum Technology to localize all the manufacturing of the sand regeneration equipment for the no-bake systems and develop, in partnership, the equipment for green sand regeneration.

Martin Wright, CEO of FATA Aluminum, and Jose Roberto de Souza, MD of Eco Sand, believe the combination of complementary offerings will provide a strong basis for the development of the Brazilian market and the success of the partnership.

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