DISA to Provide Metalcasting Facility for Alfet

A part of the large Algerian industry group Fondal, Alfet, Tiaret, Algeria, has recently signed a contract with DISA Industries to deliver a complete foundry project. Included in the project is a comprehensive training and education package where DISA’s technology and equipment experts will educate the engineers and employees at the facility so an optimal production can be achieved.

“The Alfet order is an important project for DISA, and we are very proud to have been selected as the supplier for this complete foundry project. We look forward to further developing our cooperation with Alfet in the future,” said Per Ejdorf, vice president, sales, Europe and South America, DISA.
The Alfet project means:

• Alfet will produce grinding balls for the cement industry on its new DISA 131 molding line.
• Alfet will significantly increase its production capacity and quality.
• Alfet will have one of the most modern foundries in North Africa with the new complete facility from DISA.

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