Industrial Filtration Solution System for the Future?

Since entering the China market, Nederman has been using the German engineer association standard (VDI) as the design basis in the foundry industry, and strictly according to the article 2066 of the testing, based on the design and provide for the customer in line with the German air quality control technical guidelines (TA Luft dust removal system), and provide a “turnkey” project service.

Given the fact that most dust filtration manufacturers in China were still using the technology of round bag hanging dust collectors from other suppliers, Nederman introduced  the flat, modular bag filter (FS) into China, promoted in foundry industry and won good reputation from customers. In parallel, Nederman has focused on educating customers to pay equal attention to also remove and collect the heavy-duty dust. Providing customers with a turn-key solution and thoroughly solving their problems in the workshop process, Nederman has greatly helped improve their working environment. With excellent offline reverse air cleaning technology, not only can customers now have more efficient filtration, lower emissions and a safe work environment, the outside environment and air quality has also improved considerably.

The Tornado hood can capture high temperature fumes at all stages of melting, pouring and charging of an induction furnace. Hood is controlled and  synchronized automatically to adjust to required air volume with high efficiency performance and less energy consumption.

FS Flat bag filter with reverse air cleaning—with the reverse air fan, not only greatly reduce the energy consumption/only 7.5 kW, also using the idea of Europe’s most sophisticated filtering—steadily retained the dust built-up on the surface of the filter bag to improve filter efficiency. This makes the filter operation pressure differential extremely stable, thus greatly extend the service life of the filter bag.

Other features of the system include:

  • Compact structure to reduce space requirements by more than 50%.
  • Pre-installation before delivery to ensure the installation accuracy, reduce errors and air leakage, and save onsite installation time.
  • Down-flow dirty air chamber design to ensure rapid subsidence and improve the efficiency.
  • Convenient detection method for torn bags, to ease maintenance and replacement.


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