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According to ConstructionWeekOnline, Abu Dhabi Ports has signed an agreement with Advanced Manufacturing Solutions (AMS), a subsidiary of the FourWinds Group of Companies, to build a steel foundry producing automotive parts in the emirate. The factory in Khalifa Port’s Industrial Zone (Kizad) will produce brake discs and brake calipers will […]

Abu Dhabi Ports to Build Steel Foundry

By Jens Müller, Heinz Deters, Martin Oberleiter, Henning Zupan, Hannes Lincke, Ronja Resch, Jörg Körschgen and Axel Kasperowski, ASK Chemicals GmbH Hilden Odorless core production, odor-reduced casting, significantly less cleaning of machines and tools, the resulting higher output and productivity, and the advantages in terms of casting, such as faster solidification […]

Nothing Is Impossible – Advancements in the Field of Inorganic ...