(English) Plant Availability and Energy Efficiency Working in Tandem


The increasing prices for energy and raw energy today are exacerbating the already considerable price pressure on European foundries. That is why solutions are needed to reduce the use of energy and optimize resources. The availability of the diecasting machine also significantly influences the energy costs per part produced. Improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and thus availability of a diecasting cell often proves to be the more significant factor for cost-saving.

The increasing price pressure and global competition are cause for worry among responsible executives and pose great challenges for the entire foundry industry. With innovative component design and modern diecasting processes, the consumption of materials can be reduced, resulting in cost savings. However, the efforts to reduce the consumption of energy in the production process are rapidly becoming the focal point. This is happening against the backdrop of generally rising energy prices and also as a consequence of political rules and regulations. In the future, electricity consuming enterprises in many countries will have to share in the cost of higher fees as part of the turnaround of energy policy.

The search for the ideal model for energy savings and cost reductions is complex because a large number of parameters influence energy efficiency. It is questionable how to compare the impact of the type of diecasting machine with the impact of other cost-cutting measures on reducing energy.

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