Indiana Metalcaster to Boost Workforce by 360

When ID Castings purchased a metalcasting facility in Noblesville, Ind., U.S., from Indiana Ductile Co. in 2013, it announced plans for a five-year, $51 million investment to improve the site and increase overall capacity. Now, nearly two years into that comprehensive project, the company has announced a goal of hiring 360 employees by 2018 to boost its overall workforce to 400.

The company will add two other production lines by 2018, meaning it will be operating two casting facilities in addition to onsite finishing capabilities for the production of components such as clamp rings, pipe fittings and bolt hardware from one to 500 lbs. Additionally, when ID Castings purchased the Noblesville site, it also bought an adjacent building that will be a second finishing facility.

In addition to its own investment, ID Castings also benefited from a close working relationship with the city. Last year, the Noblesville City Council approved a three-year tax abatement with an estimated value to ID Castings of $1.3 million. The city also used $71,000 in federal grant funds to improve the facility’s environmental concerns.

As improvements continue, company executives remain focused on building a foundation for long-term, sustainable growth.

“We’re not worried about our quarter-to-quarter earnings so much,” said John Kelley, plant engineer. “We’re sticking to our five-year plan and our vision to have a safe, productive and environmentally friendly foundry.”

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