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Like many research and development projects, the Multi Material Lightweight Vehicle (MMLV) Program conducted by Magna International, Aurora, Ontario, Canada, and Ford Motor Company, Detroit, with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), started with a “What if?” question: What if, in order reduce vehicle weight, we did a […]

Emission Reduction Possibilities With Structural Castings

In recent years, flexibility has attracted significant attention from small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in metalcasting and academia due to varying customer demands and increasing competition. Changing operating conditions are forcing firms to be flexible in handling variations in demand and product and uncertainty and changes in the environment. Such […]

Flexibility, Automation in Small Metalcasting Facilities

Alcoa Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa., announced it would split into two publicly traded companies, splitting the firm’s casting and fabrication units from operations in raw aluminum. The raw materials business—including bauxite mining, alumina refining and aluminum production—will retain the Alcoa name. The second company will be the company’s “value-added business,” including […]

Aluminum Giant Alcoa to Split Into Two Companies

On October 13, engine component manufacturer Gnutti Carlo USA officially opened a 64,000-sq.-ft. machine shop in Jacksonville, Ala., alongside its iron casting facility. The multi-million dollar expansion project included the closure of the company’s plant in New Jersey to consolidate operations at a single U.S. site. “We have invested here […]

Iron Caster Gnutti Carlos USA Opens Machine Shop in Alabama