New York Facility Casts Oscar Statuettes Closer to Original

Polich Tallix, Rock Tavern, New York, produced the Oscar statuettes for this year’s Academy Awards.

Last year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences looked to make the trophies more closely resemble their original form from when they were first cast and sculpted.

According to an item on Polich Tallix’s website, the 2016 award was modeled after scans of a 1929 Oscar and also one from 2015.

“With the help of some 21st century technology, we’re able to honor the Oscar’s proud beginnings,” academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs said. “The new statuette exemplifies impeccable craftsmanship and the enduring nature of art.”

The trophies took around 50 days to complete and were coated with 24-karat gold. The trophies were cast in liquid bronze and are 13.5 in. and weigh 8.5 lbs.

“Polich Tallix has made many of such awards honoring all manners of accomplishment but never before an object of such renowned and instant recognition,” said Dick Polich, founder.

Over the last 34 years, the Oscar statuettes had been produced by R.S. Owens & Company, Chicago.