Monthly Archives: April 2016

Voxeljet, Friedberg, Germany, announced an agreement to form a joint venture with Suzhou Meimai Fast Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. to pursue opportunities in the industrial 3D printing market in China. The joint venture will be called Voxeljet China Ltd. and will be controlled at the German headquarters. The new managing […]

Voxeljet Expanding to China and India

Executives at Lodge Manufacturing Co., South Pittsburg, Tennessee, U.S., have a lot of ideas about why demand for their cast iron cookware is growing at a rapid clip. Maybe it’s the marketing. Or it could be the millennials’ interest in cooking. It could be a desire to buy an American-made […]

Lodge’s Recipe for Growth

Reliable and realistic thermal properties data for investment casting shell molds are required to correctly simulate the metal solidification and predict the shrinkage. Investment casting shells exhibit several phase transformations during firing and pouring that affect their transient thermal properties which affect solidification. These properties depend on time, temperature and […]

Creating a Thermal Property Database for Investment Casting Shells