Advanced Foundry Investment in the Ukraine

ChervonaZirka, Metalyt Foundry has installed a new foundry for agricultural and hydraulic castings with equipment from Disa, Fomet and Otto Junker.

The city of Kirovograd is known for its industry in agricultural machinery and hydraulic machines from the company ChervonaZirka. The foundry tradition started in 1874, when the British brothers Robert and Thomas Elvorti began their business based on an existing German foundry. From 1922, the enterprise developed into one of the biggest producers of agricultural machines in the former USSR as “Red Star.” Now the company ChervonaZirka is the leading manufacturer in the Ukraine and the CIS. The Metalyt foundry is its captive casting supplier.

The company managers had been thinking about a new foundry since 2006. Their main target was the requirement in quality castings to strengthen their leading position in the CIS Countries. They were not satisfied with the quality they got for the agricultural production and even more for the hydraulic products, so they decided to invest in a new foundry with state of the art equipment. Almost all approved European suppliers were part of the considerations until the investors board decided to engage the Danish Disa as prime contractor, along with FOMET and Otto Junker.

Despite political and economical challenges they followed up the agreed investment in total of approximately € 12 million. Disa oversaw the turnkey factory with the Italian supplier for automatic pouring Fomet and the German Otto Junker for melting. The Ukrainian management follows the Kaizen approach and was implemented in the installations.

Scope of Supply
• Match 24/28
• Quick Match Plate Changer (QCM)
• Automatic Mold Handling (AMH) 60 min
• Sand Supply Unit (SSU) 3000
• Core Setter (CSE)
• Cyclone, vessel
• Cooling Drum (CDR)
• Conveyors
• TM 240-90 mixer
• Sand Multicontroller (SMC)
• Various Sandplant Equipment
• Shotblast ROTO-Jet
• Filter
• Disa Core 10 EP
Pouring Furnace: Fomet PRV 3 tons 200 kW “Auto Pour” Pressure Pouring by Fomet
Melting Furnace: MTFGe 5.000/3.000kW/250Hz – Duocontrol by Otto Junker

Outlook and Next Steps
For Disa, this is the first sale of a Disamatch in the CIS countries and the first sale in the Ukraine since 1970. The investors’ next steps are based on a vertical molding line.
Now Metalyt should be able to produce its own quality castings for the agricultural and hydraulic sectors. Furthermore, it will increasingly become a more recommended supplier of castings in the CIS countries, Eastern Europe, ASEAN and elsewhere.

During the grand opening with investors and honorable guests from the government, industry, associations and operators, Metalyt General Manager Gennadiy Danylchuk, investor chairman Pavel Shtutman and Flemming Jensen, vice president, Disa, thanked all participants for their powerful and intelligent engagement.