Ultraseal International Expands Presence in China

Ultraseal is extending its operations in China in response to increasing demand from automotive OEMs and suppliers by expanding its job-shops.

The UK-based company has opened a new job shop in the country’s third largest automotive center, Chongqing in central China, and more than doubled the capacity of its existing job shop in Shanghai.

Ultraseal designs and manufactures vacuum impregnation equipment and porosity sealants, including the global benchmark recycling sealant Rexeal 100, that together offer a reliable and permanent solution to porosity.

“Many automotive manufacturers and suppliers use vacuum impregnation as a routine quality enhancement in order to avoid the risk of warranty and performance issues,” said Stephen Hynes, Marketing Director of Ultraseal.

Ultraseal has created 15 jobs at its new operation in Chongqing, Ultraseal Chongqing (UCQ), where it is working closely with major Tier 1 suppliers.

Ultraseal Chongqing provides subcontract impregnation whereby suppliers can bring their components to UCQ for vacuum impregnation, or for customers with a larger requirement, UCQ can supply impregnation systems, or alternatively UCQ can convert existing impregnation systems to use Ultraseal’s recycling sealants allowing the customers to benefit from its adoption.

Increased demand for products has led Ultraseal to establish a sales office alongside the job shop at Chongqing and it is planning to further expand its operations in the near future.

Ultraseal has also more than doubled the capacity of its original job shop in China, Ultraseal Shanghai Ltd (USL) which was established in 2004.

Both the job shop and the offices of Ultraseal’s China have been moved into the automotive center in Shanghai, and to much larger premises. A bigger vacuum impregnation machine with greater capacity has been added.