Wisconsin Company Expanding Facility to Increase Efficiency

Fall River Group, Fall River, Wisconsin, U.S., announced it will be constructing a 60,000 sq.-ft. addition to the Fall River Foundry facility in Fall River. The company’s machining operations currently in Milwaukee will be re-located to the addition.

According to a news release, “the move is targeted to increase the group’s overall efficiency and to provide for further growth along with an increased ability to meet customer expectations.”

“Our main goal for this whole process is to become more efficient as a company,” Executive Vice President John Vick told the Columbus Journal.

In a release, the company said this will help them “continue providing this machining service and increase their competitive advantage in an ever changing marketplace.”

A line of concrete finishing tools Fall River Group produces also will be manufactured at the facility.

According to local reports, construction is expected to begin in May. An addition will also be made to the front of the office.

“That’s what you’ll see building first,” Brennen Wiegel, CEO and president, Fall River Group, told the Journal.