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Automatic or assisted defect recognition (ADR) in X-ray applications has been utilized for decades in the metalcasting industries. Due to advancements of X-ray tubes, detectors and better software with improved algorithms, it is becoming increasingly important in production processes. The first production-approved, inline ADR systems for automotive castings were installed […]

Trends in X-ray Casting Defect Recognition

Southern Cast Products Inc. (SCP) (Meridian, Mississippi) uses an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system to help with scheduling tasks in its molding and melting departments. This system is in place to help the steel casting facility maximize efficiency when dealing with constraints in both departments. For molding, proper scheduling […]

ERP Enters the Cleaning Room

Cupola furnace operation is a transformation process, meaning numerous inputs are transformed into outputs, primarily iron, slag and the stack gases. This cycle is straightforward and somewhat automatic. Feedback loops made through testing and analysis take more effort, but they ultimately help you improve operations (Fig. 1). The cupola melter […]

Balancing Your Cupola Operations

Ramsden Industries (London, Ontario, Canada) and the Canadian province of Ontario have announced they are partnering to invest in technology and grow Ramsden’s business. The investment will create 14 jobs and preserve 54. Ramsden, which manufactures custom aluminum castings for the transportation, industrial and automotive sectors, will receive $611,000 from […]

Ontario Partners With Aluminum Caster to Create Jobs