Double Pouring and Fast Pour Can Increase Output, Productivity

Metalcasting facilities are constantly seeking new ways and opportunities to improve their casting quality, productivity and savings—all at the same time. In response, DISA has developed a system that enables foundries to boost both quality and productivity, while improving yield, compared to other standard vertical molding processes.

One of the key points is to increase the available pouring time, as that remains one of the critical bottlenecks in today’s vertical metalcasting facilities. Two ways to increase pouring time are available from DISA:

1. DISA Fast Pour: The fast pour system works with a large pouring cup that enables the pouring unit to pour up to 10 kgs/ sec. The actual casting is not poured at this speed, as a restriction in the gating system ensures the casting is poured with 3 to 5 kgs/ sec.

2. DISA Double Index: This system enables the DISA vertical molding machine to perform a double index when pouring two molds simultaneously, achieving an additional 30% pouring time.
Basically, double pouring can be done in two ways:

1. One pouring unit is equipped with two pouring nozzles. Running with two pouring nozzles requires a more or less fixed mold size. It is possible to change the mold size, meaning changing the pouring spout of the pouring unit.

2. Running with two pouring units gives the flexibility to adapt to the different thicknesses of the molds.

The main advantages of the Double Index System are increased productivity by up to 30%, increased pouring time by up to 30%, and increased yield by 2-3% due to optimal pouring speed (reduced size of the gating system).

In practical terms, higher productivity of up to 30% can be achieved with heavy castings, e.g. with a casting such as a ventilated brake rotor, the productivity increase will typically be around 10%. Customers not considering the higher productivity can use the Double Index System to obtain higher yield, less scrap and improved casting quality.