Sakthi Portugal Opens Its Doors

The brand new Sakthi Portugal SP21 company is located in Águeda, Portugal (80km from Oporto). The SP21 unit, a work of art in itself, is a state-of-the-art linear nodular iron foundry, with an installed capacity of 90 KTon that will add to the current 95 Kton capacity of the «mother» foundry in Maia (Oporto) which are becoming to be insufficient to answer a challenging demand and an increasing market share since 2011. Both foundries produce safety-critical components – namely brake housings, differential cases, suspension control arms and a host of other components – for most of the OEMs and TIER1 major names in the automotive industry as Mercedes, PSA, VW group, Volvo, AMG, Ford, Continental, Dana and others.

The SP21 plant was inaugurated in February 2017 together with almost 7.000 visitors and international guests, after a record 11 months period for the construction of a work of art with its 280 meters long and almost 30 meters in the highest areas. Another first was the challenge of installing the equipments and test them while the construction works were taking place!