Linamar Looking to Expand European Operations

Linamar Corporation (Guelph, Ontario) announced it has filed conditional offers with the Commercial Court in Paris to acquire assets of Societe Aveyronnaise de Metallurgie S.A. (Viviez, France) and F.V.M. Technologies S.A. (Villers-la-Montagne) from bankruptcy, and 100% of the outstanding shares of Alfisa Technologies, S.L.U. (Barcelona) for approximately 6 million Euros.

The companies are parts of Groupe Arche S.A., a French company specialized in the design, casting, and machining of high pressure diecast (HPDC) aluminum components for the automotive industry, specializing primarily in the range of 1,400-2,000 metric tons.

Total revenue is in the range of 100 million Euros with open casting capacity and floor space.

Approximately 650 full-time employees and other temporary employees of FVM and SAM will be transferred to relevant Linamar subsidiaries.

The company touted the importance of the move, saying the acquisitions, if completed, would represent a step forward in Linamar’s light metal casting strategy to develop further leadership in integrated design, casting, and machining of aluminum components in medium and medium-large press and component sizes.