German Know-How and Quality – TRENNEX

In over 100 years that began as a lubricant-dealer, Geiger + Co. Schmierstoff-Chemie GmbH has developed into a leading producer of high-quality release agents and lubricants for die casting.
Located since the beginning in Heilbronn, our headquarters have always been adapted and modernized to current needs.

“To stay on the ball” and the constant determination to produce a better product has been our recipe of success for years.

Release agents and lubricants are essential in die casting foundries and play a key role in the production of high-quality cast parts.

With the perfect release agent and lubricating effect of our TRENNEX®-Products we have achieved a clear prerequisite for an error-free casting cycle and provide impeccable casting surfaces and clean molds.

The positive sales performance from the previous years was continued in 2017.

This steady sales growth over the past few years reflects the successful direction that the company is heading in.

We were able to invest in multiple areas, for example in our manufacturing facility and in our logistics department.

Trennex already has over 10 years of experience in the field of Minimum Quantity Spraying for die casting.

Through continuous and customer-oriented development activities we have built up a large portfolio of lubricants for Minimum Quantity Spraying that can fulfill many different requirements. With these products, we’ve already helped many customers implement Minimum Quantity Spraying into their production facilities’ series production.
Structural die casting will continue to gain importance in the future. Trennex products already have a solid footing in this area and can help in the realization of completely new die cast products.

With zinc die casting, Trennex can help replace solvent-based products with water-based lubricants.

This is where exhaust-air quality in the production facility or product flammability comes into focus.

China is the most important automotive market in the world and thanks to competent partners this opportunity could be developed further over the past few years. This is why being at the 2017 China Die Casting trade show was so important to us.

German Know-How and Quality – Made in India.

Our newly established die lubricant production in India with our partner HETPAN Die Lubricants is expected to accommodate all the needs of the Indian market.

Lightweight design, electromobility and increased environmental protection are factors that will lead to great changes but also new opportunities in the die casting industry in the coming years.
With our decades of experience and our global presence, we stand at the ready to assist you with our colleagues on-site as competent and highly effective partners.