Movable Bracket of a Forage Harvester

EDS Casting redesigned a welded construction into a ductile iron (EN-GJS-450-10) sand casting with an ExOne 3-D printed sand mold package.

This project was commenced for a client in the agricultural industry. This console is a repeating element from an agricultural machine. The old construction had many problems with fatigue failure and warping due to welding. The goal was twofold. The first was to convert the welded construction into a cost-efficient casting while increasing the performance. The second goal was to engineer a working solution and deliver the part within a next to impossible deadline: 10 weeks.

The results were a 54% weight reduction, from 18 kg in S355MC to 8.2 kg in En-GJS-450-10 (5.31-7) and a 40% cost reduction. The problems were successfully eliminated during the engineering of a new, optimized sand casting. The product was built into the machine within the deadline of 10 weeks.