Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Makes Contribution to the Construction of Recycled Water Reuse Pipelines in Linhe District

Recently, the construction of a recycled water reuse pipelines in Linhe District, Bayannur City, Inner Mongolia was started. Xinxing’s centrifugal ductile iron pipes provide safety protection for local recycled water supply!

For sewage and recycled water transportation, compared with conventional pipes such as steel pipes and PCCP pipes, Ductile Iron pipes have big advantages such as better performance on corrosion resistance, long service life, high hoop rigidity, etc. Moreover, the comprehensive cost is lower than other pipes. These advantages make ductile iron pipes the best choice for sewage transportation.

For the purpose of consuming the recycled water of sewage treatment plants rationally, increasing the utilization rate of water resources, as well as achieving zero discharge of recycled water, the government of Linhe District organized this construction project for the reuse of recycled water pipelines. Based on the new Water supply emergency engineering plan, the proprietor, Linhe District Construction Bureau, has carefully considered the advantages of different pipes. After visited Xinxing’s factories and comprehensively considered factors like product quality, supply capacity and after-sales service, the proprietor finally chose Xinxing as the pipe supplier. When the project started, Xinxing rapidly produced and delivered ductile iron pipes. During pipes installing process, after-sales technical staffs of Xinxing offered assistance and guide to the proprietor, laying the foundation for following pressure tests.

In recent years, Xinxing ductile iron pipes have been increasingly used in sewage and recycled water transportation projects. DN2400 ductile iron pipes for sewage, which is the largest pipe’s diameter in China, were used in Zhenjiang sponge city renewal project and played a key role in solving urban flooding issue. Linhe District Recycled Water Reuse Pipelines Project played an exemplary role in using ductile iron pipes for sewage and recycled water transportation projects in northern part of China. With the economic and social development, there will be more and more Xinxing ductile iron pipes used in water supply and drainage projects. Xinxing will make greater contributions to the safety of water transportation and rational use of water resources in the future!