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China Academy of Machinery Science & Technology Group (CAM) was founded in 1956. The goal of CAM is to improve the equipment manufacturing level of China. CAM has 16 subsidiaries, including the holding companies with the operation system of the group management of parent-subsidiary type. CAM has built 39 key laboratories and an engineering research center, and all these have been certified by government as national, provincial and industrial level innovation platform. CAM is engaged in the basic common technology research for manufacturing industry. With the development of these 60 years, CAM has gained more than 7,000 achievements which have been applied in the main domestic economical industries such as machinery manufacturing, automobile, aeronautic and aerospace, environmental protection, energy, transportation, information, metallurgy chemical engineering, construction and etc.

Complicated casting patternless composite manufacturing technology and equipment developed by CAM won the second prize of National Technological Invention. The key patternless casting technology of high-efficiency, high-performance, and high-precision has been break-through and great achievements have been made in technology, composite casting and Seria equipments. Complex curved sand/core flexible extrusion near forming technology, cutting net forming technology and composite forming process developed by CAM make the patternless, high-precision, high-efficiency manufacturing of complicate castings realized, shortening more than 50% of the manufacturing cycle and reducing more than 30% of the cost. CAM invented a multi-material composite casting mold matching with the casting and its assembly method, realized the active regulation of the casting performance, solved the problem of shape and performance control, reduced casting scrap rate from 5-10% to 2-4%, and reduced weight about 10-20%. It developed the digitally controlled flexible array contacts and high wear-resistant large aspect ratio cutting tools, proposed an integrated tool cooling and cutting sand removal method, developed a sand/core flexible extrusion molding machines, patternless casting precision forming machines and 15 other kinds of equipment in seven categories, and solved the problems of complicated castings high-precision forming manufacturing equipment. Casting accuracy increased by 2 to 3 levels and can reach up to CT8. The patternless casting precision forming machine can be used to manufacture resin sand, water glass sand, coated sand, ceramics, etc. The maximum forming size is 5000mm×3000mm×1000mm.

The achievements were granted 47 invention patents (19 in the United States, Japan, and Europe) and 12 software copyrights. CAM won the second prize of National Technological Invention in 2017, the China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award (technical invention) in 2016, China Patent Gold Award in 2016, Beijing Science and Technology Award (technical invention) in 2012, First Prize of Beijing Invention Patent in 2011 and three national key new products. The technology has been promoted and applied in more than 100 companies including Shanghai Academy of Space Technology, AECC Harbin Dongan Engine, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group, FAW Foundry and Yto Group Corporation. The equipment has been exported to Spain. Fourteen application demonstration bases have been established in China, realizing the manufacturing of steel/iron, aluminum/magnesium alloy castings. This technology is of great significance for promoting the innovation of high-end equipment technology, safeguarding of national defense security, and promoting of green development.

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