Asia Foundry Association Established

On Sep. 18, 2019, the first day of Metal+Metallurgy Thailand, 12 foundry organizations of Asian countries and regions were getting together in the City of Angels-Bangkok to attend the founding conference of Asia Foundry Association, signing the Constitution of Asia Foundry Association and witnessing this important moment which was a milestone for the Asian foundry industry. From this moment on, the Asia Foundry Association has announced its formal establishment.

Asia has a vast territory, a large population and abundant resources. The development prospect of the foundry industry is broad. This is our advantage. However, we also have disadvantages because of the different cultural backgrounds and language barriers among Asian countries and regions. In Asia, there are large foundry nations, such as China, India, Japan, and South Korea, but there are also countries and regions with few foundry industries, such as Laos and Myanmar. Of course, there are more countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia where the foundry industry is booming. The development level of the foundry industry varies from country to country, and the demand is very different. Building a common communication platform has become an urgent need for the development of the foundry industry in Asia. In 2010, Asia Foundry Forum was successfully held under the active preparations of foundry organizations of seven countries and regions in Asia. It has been held for five consecutive years and has become an important platform for the communication of the Asian foundry industry. Today, Asia Foundry Association has been established on the basis of Asia Foundry Forum. The founding numbers has reached 12, and their casting production account for 65% of the world total. In the future, with the sustainable development of the Asian foundry industry, our members will grow large and be prosperous.

Thank you for all your support. As the first president of the Asia Foundry Association, I am honored and also aware of the great responsibility. Thank you for your trust in setting up the Secretariat at China Foundry Association. Hereby, on behalf of China Foundry Association, I will lead the team of Asia Foundry Association’s Secretariat to serve the development of the Asian foundry industry, promote exchanges and cooperation, and strengthen talent education and training to improve the overall level of foundry technology, management, safety and environmental protection, and promote the sustainable development of the Asian foundry industry.