Large, thin wall and complex precision casting technology of investment casting that has been developed in the automotive field has won a new expansion application. For new energy vehicles, also known as electric or partially-electric cars, the advantages of lightweight component parts are obvious. In this application, the design and […]

The Middle Frame Design for an Electric Car

Click here to see the story in the digital edition. The Vietnam Foundry Industry produces approximately 500,000 ton/year and employs around 100,000 directly and 300,000 indirectly. The growth of the industry is important inclusive growth for other engineering sectors and overall Vietnam economics. The foundry industry in Vietnam is serving […]

Status of the Vietnam Foundry Industry

The dimensional accuracy at which sand castings can now be produced has approached that of investment castings.  3-D sand printing technologies have greatly improved the dimensional accuracy of molds and cores but have failed to match the surface smoothness of conventional sand castings, let alone investment castings. Investment casting provides […]

Critical Characteristics Affecting the Surface Finish of Castings