Every automobile manufacturer has made it clear to their metal casting suppliers: reducing vehicle weight is increasingly important. Besides solid castings, hollow casting, a variation on the permanent mold process, is an option for producing complex lightweight structures. It can produce individual components that replace an assembly of metal parts, […]

Improved Casting Machine Design Promotes Better, Lighter Cast Parts

FCRI Group was established in 1958 with the head-quarter in Foshan, Guangdong. Based on the technological innovation, FCRI continuous adopting the modern management concept, persisting diversity, collectivity and globalization in the development. Now FCRI has become a comprehensive hi-tech enterprise in technology research, technical service, production and sales, economical trading […]

FCRI Ceramic Filter

Italpresse Gauss has teamed up with industrial software expert Wonderware (Schneider Electric Group) to develop a powerful app for live remote maintenance and service assistance for users of its high-performance light metal casting solutions. The AMe interactive assistant, first shown at Metef 2017 in Verona, boosts maintenance efficiency and speed […]

Italpresse Introduces New App for Live Remote Maintenance