Technical Reports

The Institute of Metal Forming and Casting  (utg) of the Technische Universität München (TUM)  is located in Garching, approximately 20 km north of Munich. The  utg  works in the field of production engineering, which is  associated with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The  institute’s  four  research groups  focus on  casting, […]

Institute of Metal Forming and Casting, Technische Universität München

By adopting more efficient de-gating and de-risering techniques, foundries can make a significant impact on their bottom line operating costs. Jason W. Hitchings, Comanche Technologies Business challenges facing foundries and metal casters at the moment in areas such as fluctuating raw material prices, increasing labor wages, and the ever-changing growth […]

Increase Casting Quality and Reduce Finishing Room Costs – At ...